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I was never much of a writer growing up, but a forced, last-second internship in my last semester at Westfield State University at The Republican (newspaper) in Springfield, Massachusetts forced me to write for the first time. It resulted in a variety of different articles being published in Western Massachusetts’ largest newspaper, including a front page article “A Neutral Corner” in the Sunday newspaper, something I never thought to be possible as an intern. Two of my highlighted articles can be accessed, below:

May 22, 2010 – Springfield’s ‘A Neutral Corner’ boxing program aims to help teens focus on teamwork, discipline, character

March 28, 2010 – Norman Rockwell illustrated the values of the Boy Scouts of America

As a part of my studies at Quinnipiac University, I compiled stories of my family’s 2018 road trip to Montana and Wyoming. Since the class was happening at the same time as the road trip, I chronicled each day of the trip and the various stories throughout, which serves as a great memory of the trip.


That’s one word to describe my family.

We’ve taken all these road trips. We’ve never ended up on the side of the road, for any reason.

That’s probably 50,000 miles of road trips. And never, on the side of the road.

Until today.

We got up at 8am. Typical day to go to Yellowstone. Get ready, eat a quick breakfast, on the road by 8:30.

We had a huge plan for today to see a ton of the park’s main attractions, including the Grand Prismatic Spring, something we wanted to see and spend a lot of time at and around.

Until we got a flat tire.

day 5 of the adventure of driving cross country

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